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Working Safely During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented major challenges to UK business and industry; it has disrupted day-to-day life as we know it and forced us to reconsider our approach in the interest of public health & safety.

In response to the pandemic we have majorly reconsidered our operational practices:

  • We have developed our own in-house Covid-19 tracking system, specifically tailored to our FM maintenance teams and the demands of our customers. This innovative software allows us to record a detailed Covid-19 specific log of every property entered to ensure maximum safe practice.
  • We operate Dynamic Covid Risk Assessments at all of our projects which offer comprehensive risk analysis and overview for our project managers.
  • All our engineers are diligent in observing Government guidance.
  • All our engineers wear face masks at all times, regularly sanitize their hands and keep a 2m distance
  • When providing responsive maintenance, our engineers ensure that the tenant/customer is in another room for the duration of our visit to minimize any possible exposure.
  • We have reorganised our office operations to enable people to work from home.
  • We have Covid Safety measures in place at our offices such as PVC screens, reorganised lay-outs and worker bubbles.

With these carefully considered implementations we are confident that we can continue to provide a safe, high quality service to our clientele.